Samba4 AD SysVol Replication (HowTo + Script)

Marc Muehlfeld samba at
Wed Jul 24 11:05:33 MDT 2013


Am 24.07.2013 09:09, schrieb steve:
> I'm confused now because the OP only needs to sync in one direction
> doesn't he? DC's take their sysvol from one master DC according to the
> wiki.

Because rsync isn't bidirectional, my HowTo requires to define one host, 
that is the "master", where all changes on the SysVol share are made on. 
And my script runs on every other DC and syncronizes the content.

As "master" I defined the DC, that contains the FSMO role "PDC", because 
the Group Policy Management Console connects per default to this host 
(if you pointed it to connect to an other DC, you can change this back). 
And GPO is one of the main stuff, that is placed on the SysVol share. If 
you do other changes outside the GPMC, you must do this on the PDC, too 
(put a logon-script, etc.).

I'll try to clarify this a bit more in the Howto later. But it's good if 
people telling me their questions. Then I can be more precise and give 
more details.


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