Samba4 AD SysVol Replication (HowTo + Script)

Marc Muehlfeld samba at
Wed Jul 24 10:58:09 MDT 2013

Hi Andreas,

Am 24.07.2013 08:44, schrieb Andreas Schneider:
> have you looked at csync [1]? It is a bidirectional file synchronizer and can
> keep two directories in sync. rsync can only sync in one direction. A new
> version of csync should be released this week.
> [1]

Yes. But:

1.) I could not get it compiled yet because of make errors I can't 
interpret. I posted this to the csync mailing list.

2.) I haven't found any information on the csync page, if it can 
replicate extended ACLs between hosts. And because of 1) I could not try 
it yet.

3.) rsync is on most systems already installed and if not, it's easily 
available through the distributions packet manager without compiling 
(and maybe manual compiling dependencies like iniparser for csync).

That were the reasons why I based the tutorial on rsync. But this 
doesn't mean that csync wouldn't be an option, too. If I get it to work 
and it can handle extended ACLs, I can extend the HowTo with that second 
way, of course.


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