GSoC questions -Registry and ADS server

luke morrison luc785 at
Tue Jul 23 16:39:46 MDT 2013

Hello How are you?
I got a good response last time for my question on samba-technical so I thought I would try this mailing list out again. The question is aimed for anyone with a sound knowledge of the GPO/AD CIFS implementation in Samba4.
So I would like to know a bit about Registry with samba. 
How is it implemented?How does it treat .pol files?There are bindings for python, how are these used?
And my other question involves the ADS_STRUCT structure. As it is frequently and commonly passed around in GPO libraries.
Is this a server, is it dynamic?If I am using it in bindings, how do I initialize it to make a python equivalent, to be more specific if it is a structure and dynamic how do I call it in python to get information?
And my third question combines the two.
Does ADS connect to a registry to utilize GPOs? I would suspect no just because once you have a shared file it can be applied afterwards, but still ADS could use sysvol in a way that it carries some registry parameters.
My mentor is on vacation so any help is greatly appreciated. Answer one, a couple or them all, if you know anything about them 
Thanks a lot
Luke Morrison

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