Problem related to ID_TYPE_BOTH -Need suggestion

Abhidnya S Joshi achirmul at
Fri Jul 19 04:53:47 MDT 2013

Hi Andrew,

For NFS access we are using auth_sys sec type and no kerberos. We create 
user on client with same id given by autorid to access NFS share. (Here 
user's uid and group memberships come from the client).
In this case from NFS server side, nss_winbind will not come into 

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Date:   07/19/2013 03:08 PM
Subject:        Re: Problem related to ID_TYPE_BOTH  -Need suggestion

On Fri, 2013-07-19 at 15:00 +0530, Abhidnya S Joshi wrote:
> Hi Andrew, 
> I believe, this (nss_winbind change) will still resolve local access
> issue but the problem will be still there with NFS access. Although it
> can be solved by doubling the ACL size by having UID and GID entries,
> this will restrict max ACL size by half. 

How are the NFS users getting their token if not from nss_winbind?

Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett                      
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