LDAP/Python Libgpo - GSOC question

luke morrison luc785 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 18 16:47:33 MDT 2013

Hello Samba People,
my name is Luke Morrison and I was sponsored by Google Summer of Code to work on making a server side GPO script. I have a question. 

LDAP sends out comments from requests. For what I am doing, I will need certain parameters of this reply all from python. 

Ok so how I see it there are a few ways .
1)I can use some probably really easily created python command for that which Samba MUST have. This is my question mostly, what tools do I have in python already made?
2)I could use the command line. There is a really good LDAP command line to get direct results, I forget it now but I could use that. Now that would require a few parameters such as host and IP, but I am pretty sure that I could import OS and SYS and play with it to get those parameters.
3)The least favored way : Make a couple bindings for LDAP. This is my last resort of course because it would get me side tracked. I am working on binding the mass of the group policy object library right now. 
This is my first time on samba-technical and I am hoping this will bring better results than lullin on IRC. 
Cheers, and thank you in advance
Luke Morrison

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