GSOC report 3: Improvements in smbclient backup mode

Aurélien Aptel aurelien.aptel at
Sun Jul 14 13:46:06 MDT 2013

Hi all,

This week I've reimplemented most of the tar mode features using
libarchive. smbclient can now read all the formats supported by
libarchive (tar, tar.gz, zip, 7z, ...) when restoring an archive.
Since most of the code in clitar.c used to parse and write tar achives
and was pretty old and hard to maintain I started from scratch. The
code is now easier to follow and half the size.

It's not complete yet:
- no interactive mode
- some tests fail
- no regex switch

Next week, I will focus on:
- debug failing tests
- write more tests
- implement the not-really-regex switch (which has not been using
regexes for ~8yrs)

This code (mainly: new clitar.c) is available on the
gsoc_clitar_libarchive branch of my repo[1].

As usual, you can read more on my daily journal[2].


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