Checks to see if unsigned integers < 0

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Sun Jul 14 08:33:20 MDT 2013

On 14 July 2013 11:16, Aurélien Aptel <aurelien.aptel at> wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 8:36 PM, Herwin Weststrate
> <herwin at> wrote:
> > A number of times some checks are run to see if an unsigned integer is
> > smaller than zero. Of course this cannot be true, this patch removes
> these
> > checks.
> Samba devs might be interested in coccinelle [1] which lets you
> automate the making of this kind of check/patch. It's a powerful tool
> that was made with the Linux kernel in mind but I know it has been
> used in other projects like in GNU Emacs.
> 1:
>   website:
>   nice tutorial:

Julia has posted here before (in Feb last year) to post a patch, but given
the way that talloc works it seems hard to know off hand whether there were
any actual bugs fixed by the patch, even though there were inconsistencies
in the way cleanup is handled in different parts of the code.  I'm not sure
if anything ever came of the patch.

But other than that I don't think there's been any mention of coccinelle
here before.

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