[PATCH] waf: Build with RELRO if supported by the compiler.

Christian Ambach ambi at samba.org
Tue Jul 9 16:10:37 MDT 2013

Am 09.07.13 22:41, schrieb Jeremy Allison:

>> The default is to check if the compiler supports RELRO and then enable
>> it. Specifying '--with-relro' will make it mandatory and
>> '--without-relro' will disable it.
> Looks good to me !

I am bit unhappy about adding this feature as two seperate options (I
know that multiple options have been added the same way in the recent
past) while one would suffice, at least to my understanding of the waf
configure code.
For each --with option, a --without option is automatically generated.
The default value that can be specified when adding an option is
actually tri-state: True (complain if support is missing),False and None
(use when available, if not continue with configure).
This is at least used in the source3/wscript

So, adding the option and then checking later for auto later would be
better. There are already examples for this style, e.g. regedit, fam, dmapi.

So I would suggest to make this similar to avoid the bloat of option
definitions in the waf scripts.


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