samba4 log rotation

David Mansfield samba at
Mon Jul 8 09:18:15 MDT 2013

H All:

I have read through archives of this mailing list (from about a year 
ago) and was wondering if there have been any changes since then w.r.t 
samba log rotation.

It seems like "max log size" still only applies to smbd process (or more 
specifically log.smbd) and not to samba process (or more specifically 

Furthermore, after renaming the log.samba to log.samba.old then "killall 
-HUP samba"  and "killall -HUP smbd", both samba and smbd processes (and 
children) still have log.samba.old open according to lsof.

This is with a fairly out-of-the-box configuration from source 4.0.5 
running on centos 6. (configured with default paths i.e. 
/usr/local/samba etc.).

Is there any way short of restarting samba process to rotate the 
log.samba log?

David Mansfield

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