UIDs out of sync

Christian Huldt christian at solvare.se
Mon Jul 8 03:32:58 MDT 2013

I have this (funny?) problem with a site:

3 years ago it was set up with the then current alpha as domain
controllers (2, one ro) and samba 3.4 as member server (1 at the time).

Everything has been working fairly good with occasional hickups and
updated so the dcs are now running samba-4.0.5 and the file server 3.6.3
(stock upbuntu 12.04, they are 2 now)

Now as I'm about to add a new member server (samba 4.0.7) I had some
problems that caused me to investigate the problem further and it turns
out that the uid differ on all the machines (while usernames ans SIDs
are the same everywhere)

As the SIDs are important (and usernames and passwords - it is probably
around 100 users) I think I have to fix this...

My idea to doing this would be to keep one dc as is, remove all the
other servers from the domain, clear out the databases (*.tdb, *ldb)
from those and add them back to the domain after verifying every thing
on the one remaining dc.

Does that sound reasonable? Is there a better way? What is "every thing"
in the sentence above?

I suspect there is some kind of problem as the sync between the dcs seem
to be working, or at least not producing errors...

Christian Huldt

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