Debug output in ntlm_auth

Michele Bergonzoni bergonz at
Thu Jul 4 07:57:55 MDT 2013

I was unable to obtain any debugging information from ntlm_auth in 4.0.7 
(and other versions as well).

It seems to me that source3/utils/ntlm_auth.c is missing 
POPT_COMMON_SAMBA in struct poptOption long_options (line 2742).

Adding POPT_COMMON_SAMBA just before POPT_COMMON_VERSION gives the 
expected debug output to stderr using -d or --debuglevel. --log-basename 
needs some less trivial work. Unknown options are ignored without errors.

It also seems to me that source4/utils/ntlm_auth.c is unused.

Hope this helps,

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