Samba 4.0.7 bugs on Fedora 18 and 19

bogdan_bartos admin at
Wed Jul 3 07:43:43 MDT 2013

I upgraded from samba 4.0.6 on Fedora 18 and I am also experiencing the same
issues on Fedora 19. Both on 64 bit. The upgrade was done by compiling the
whole source code, so not by patch.

The issue I am experiencing is with the file server. The copy operation does
not work anymore for me. If I want to copy a relatively big folder structure
(depth of 4-5 folders), it will not copy. At the best it copies 2 levels of
folders, with no file contents in them. I did not see this in 4.0.6... It is
present in 4.0.7 though...

Anyone esle experiencing this? I also expected the source to be bigger than
the 4.0.6, but it actually shrinked. During the make/make install not all
the source is compiled. Towards the end some chunks are skipped.

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