Ricky Nance ricky.nance at weaubleau.k12.mo.us
Thu Jan 3 21:32:42 MST 2013

The issue is if your system is using a port (say 53) then samba starts
every service except DNS, without a fail or warning (except in the log
files), this is quite an issue as you can imagine. I have worked with
Guenter on this (who has done the real work) to discover the issue is
actually in irpc_binding_handle_by_name() function, I think he has chatted
with Tridge and Metze about this issue. For some reason the main samba task
registers with a pid and task id of 0 (samba-tool processes confirms this
behavior).  On a somewhat related note not all of the services are
registered correctly with the irpc messenging system. I am sure there is
much more to this that I am leaving out, so hopefully Guenter will fill in
the missing pieces to the puzzle. I am not sure if there is a bug on this
specific issue, I thought I filed one when I had this problem with slapd
running then samba tried to run, it silently failed with odd errors.

The biggest issue now is that so many people have X running and
NetworkManager is spawning DNSMasq, eating up port 53, then the internal
DNS fails to start causing what appears to be a Kerberos issue, so then the
user tries like mad to fix the kerberos issue, when in fact its DNS not
handing out the right information, because DNS is actually DNSMasq... sound

I have seen different distro's using various other ports for some reason or
another and it always ends up taking quite a bit of time trying to convince
a user that its not the last error in the log, but the one stating that
there is a port in use already.

Anyway this is so far beyond my programming ability it about makes my nose
bleed just thinking about it, so I guess the point of the mail (if there is
a point at all) is, if anyone has any insights to this potentially very
complex issue, please share. And as always I truly appreciate the work you
all do to make this software what it is!

Thanks in advance,

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