[PATCH] Fix bug #9039 'map untrusted to domain' treats WORKSTATION as bogus domain.

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Wed Feb 27 15:38:10 MST 2013

On Fri, 2013-02-22 at 17:02 -0800, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> This bug was caused as a side effect of commit
> dc3a90cf21813526854c12db126d08ebf32f8ae5
> which explicitly removes our global sam name
> from the list of trusted domains (which was the
> correct thing to do), but caused this undesirable
> side-effect.
> Here's my assessment from the bug report:
> -------------------------------------------
> Absolutely correct! It's a side effect of commit
> dc3a90cf21813526854c12db126d08ebf32f8ae5 for sure.
> The only other place this is used is in:
> source3/rpc_server/netlogon/srv_netlog_nt.c where we have:
> 1666                 /* If we don't know what this domain is, we need to
> 1667                    indicate that we are not authoritative.  This
> 1668                    allows the client to decide if it needs to try
> 1669                    a local user.  Fix by jpjanosi at us.ibm.com, #2976 */
> 1670                 if ( NT_STATUS_EQUAL(status, NT_STATUS_NO_SUCH_USER)
> 1671                      && !strequal(nt_domain, get_global_sam_name())
> 1672                      && !is_trusted_domain(nt_domain) )
> 1673                         *r->out.authoritative = false; /* We are not
> authoritative */
> Your change adds the same check. I'll get this reviewed and in master.
> -------------------------------------------
> Can I get a second reviewer please !

As I've said on IRC, I think this is the wrong layer.  The main issue is
that is_trusted_domain() is the wrong thing to do on the member server.
We need to honour that flag as returned by the DC.

The issue with is_trusted_domain() is that it has to hit up winbind for
what it thinks is the list of trusted domains, which can be incomplete,
as I understand it, whereas the DC knows for sure. 

Andrew Bartlett

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