Single binary to rule them all!

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Mon Feb 18 21:50:56 MST 2013

On Tuesday, February 19, 2013 10:41 AM, Ricky Nance wrote:
> Christopher, I think you are missing what I am trying to accomplish 
> here, right now if 'server role = active_directory_domain_controller' 
> all the s4 stuff is spawned (including smbd if you have the s3fs file 
> server backend running, which is default). I am simply proposing that 
> we shutdown all S4 related things if we only want a fileserver, or a 
> nt4 style pdc, or member server, or..., then tell samba to run only 
> the binaries needed (as it does now with s3fs and smbd). I am not 
> wanting to start conflicts with other services within samba, but 
> rather keep the conflicts from happening and hopefully gain some more 
> popularity with the package maintainers, along with having a single 
> init script (instead of multiple inits one for AD DC and one for 
> 'other' or having to modify it). I think the devs understand the 
> problem and likely have a good solution in mind already, I am simply 
> asking for some documentation to be made defining 'what is a role'.

And updated docs that detail how samba4 now works would be nice so that 
stuff like the below don't become 'canonical'.

I do have a fair idea of what you are trying to accomplish. It's the 
model that postfix uses with a master daemon. Just that I have been 
looking at outdated information.

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