Samba4 and LDAP

Martin Simons martin at
Mon Feb 18 03:17:11 MST 2013


>> After his talk I spoke briefly to him about the interoperability between
>> Samba4 and LDAP, because this seems to exist no longer. The onliest
>> possibility left is dumping am LDAP database to an ldif file and then upload
>> it to the AD compatible Samba4 server.

> Did my reply address your concerns?

You answer addressed my concerns, thank you for your concern about this.

The answer is quite elaborate and I am in the process of studying and
discussing your statements. I am afraid I have to say that I do not see howto
fit in the new Samba server into LDAP centered solutions.

To my understanding the way it looks now is that you have to migrate all of
your applications to AD compatible solutions. What I want to have is a Samba
server that still authenticates to an LDAP server, then the Samba server works
seemlessly with the other processes.

Met vriendelijke groet,


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