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Fri Feb 15 00:49:16 MST 2013

On Thu, 2013-02-14 at 23:27 -0800, Matthieu Patou wrote:
> On 02/13/2013 09:31 PM, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> > Matthieu,
> >
> > I've been adding tests to help me understand upgradeprovision, what it
> > can do and what it can't do.
> >
> > The branch this mail is based on is here:
> >;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/samba-tool-and-acls
> >
> > The issue I have is that I can't find any clear description of what
> > --full does, and how we can safely use upgradeprovision to correct the
> > ACLs that were incorrect in our 4.0.0 release.
> Full will not only correct file location it will also generate a 
> reference provision and add all the objects that are in the reference 
> provision but not in the live one, it will also look at missing and 
> changed attributes and add them (well not all because some shouldn't be 
> copied but you get the idea).

> > Is it the case that without --full, we only do things so clear that we
> > should probably do them in dbcheck instead (and have upgradeprovision
> > run dbcheck at the end?)
> Well dbcheck should check the ... not a kitchen-sink

Can you clarify for me *exactly* what upgradeprovision does in each
mode?  That is, can you expand on the above to spell out what a 'not
full' mode does, in more detail than 'correct file locations'? 

In terms of things I of what I would like to see dbcheck handle (and
upgradprovison call into dbcheck for), it is things where a specific
rule can be applied, such as "there must be a deleted objects
container", "links must have a backlink" etc.  For these, we don't need
the reference provision nor the provision USN range, as these rules
always apply. 

> > I had been under the impression that the SD recalculation was done
> > regardless, but when I run these commands:
> >
> > bin/samba-tool ldapcmp st/provision/alpha13_upgrade/private/sam.ldb
> > st/provision/alpha13_upgrade_reference/private/sam.ldb --two domain
> > schema --sd > /tmp/ldapcmp-upgrade_sd.txt
> >
> > bin/samba-tool ldapcmp st/provision/alpha13_upgrade_full/private/sam.ldb
> > st/provision/alpha13_upgrade_reference/private/sam.ldb --two domain
> > schema --sd > /tmp/ldapcmp-upgrade_full_sd.txt
> >
> > I see that the SDs are only fixed if we run with --full.  My concern is
> > that this mode changes many, many other things about the database, and I
> > would prefer to find a 'lighter touch' way to handle this.
> Well the lighter way might be --fixdsacl

I don't see a --fixdsacl at the moment, so I presume you mean you would
patch up a new main mode, so we would have: the default mode, --fixdsacl
and --full?

> > Anyway, I include the output from those commands, in the hope that you
> > can shed some light.  To reproduce, on my branch first run 'make test
> > TESTS=alpha13' and the directories will be produced.
> Well the results for the --full looks pretty good, just one object is 
> not ok (maybe a bug ?)
> Comparing:
> 'CN=ARES,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=alpha13,DC=samba,DC=corp' 
> [st/provision/alpha13_upgrade_full/private/sam.ldb]
> 'CN=ARES,OU=Domain Controllers,DC=alpha13,DC=samba,DC=corp' 
> [st/provision/alpha13_upgrade_reference/private/sam.ldb]
>      ACEs found only in st/provision/alpha13_upgrade_full/private/sam.ldb:
>          (OA;;SW;DNS-Host-Name-Attributes;;DA)
>          (OA;;SW;DNS-Host-Name-Attributes;;PS)
>      ACEs found only in 
> st/provision/alpha13_upgrade_reference/private/sam.ldb:
>          (OA;;SW;Validated-DNS-Host-Name;;DA)
>          (OA;;SW;Validated-DNS-Host-Name;;PS)
>      FAILED

Yes, the --full mode does very well, and if you re-run the tests without
the --sd argument, you will see that there are only a few objects that
are incorrectly upgraded from alpha13.  (in the test, we filter out the
attributes so I could have a test that passed for all other objects). 

I am looking for something that is a lighter touch however - not
potentially rewriting any attribute and any object, when we only changed
around 10 items in the provision template.  Do you think you could add
and test such a mode?


Andrew Bartlett

Andrew Bartlett                      
Authentication Developer, Samba Team 

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