[PATCH] Fix epoll backend to allow separate read/write events on one fd.

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Feb 13 13:40:53 MST 2013

Hi Jeremy,

> The tevent epoll backend has a bug in that it does
> not allow separate read/write events to be added
> using the same file descriptor.

This is a known problem and it's reason why we use dup() in

I'd preferr that we don't allow more than one event handler per fd
in general. A socket should be only used by one logical caller
everything else is a bug.

The tdgram_context and tstream_context abstractions only need one tevent_fd.

At least we should allow only one TEVENT_FD_READ handler and only one
for each fd. But I'd think it's better to avoid additional complexity in
the epoll backend,
which is already complex.


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