Samba4 and LDAP

Martin Simons martin at
Tue Feb 12 04:06:10 MST 2013

Dear All,

Jeremy Allison had an excellent presentation of Samba4 at Fosdem yesterday.

After his talk I spoke briefly to him about the interoperability between
Samba4 and LDAP, because this seems to exist no longer. The onliest
possibility left is dumping am LDAP database to an ldif file and then upload
it to the AD compatible Samba4 server.

The issue is towards the LDAP version that Samba4 is compatible with. As we
know LDAP now uses the Provider Consumer model instead of the Master Slave
model. Samba now operates on a Master Master principle, the standard of which
is not clear to me.

Samba4 would have a so called classic mode that would allow to use it as a
file server still in combination with a standardized LDAP server. This feature
however needs to be tested more thoroughly it seems, it is not proven yet.

The need for a Samba server that interacts is obvious, since the LDAP service
is used by a abundant number of services that interact with it. I name a
couple of services I personally have experience with: Zarafa mail server and

I do not want to set the Samba house to fire, because it is very deer to me,
but I feel a strong interest in having Samba interoperate with the standard
LDAP service. I want to involve in order to guarantee this in the long run.

I will be in Los Angeles as of February 22th in order to attend Scale11 and I
am prepared to meet any of you people up to march 1st, in order to see
whatever contribution I should make.

Best regards,


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