Samba4 AD up and running

Paul Macdonnell pgmac at
Sat Feb 9 19:18:47 MST 2013

Hi all,
I just got my first Samba4 AD DC up and running on Ubuntu 11.04 using the
HOWTO wiki page (built from tarball sources):

Just wanted to say thanks for providing a great intro into getting it all
up and running.
I ran into a couple of other issues along the way, but that's because I was
installing on to an already running system.
I run some virtuals on the server in questions, so dnsmasq (running on the
other virtual interfaces) got in the way of the samba dns server starting.
 Once I got past that, it's come up quite nicely.

I do have an issue where my win7 virtual was able to successfully join the
domain and install the AD management tools, but it isn't showing the
"Active Directory User and Computers" snap-in.  I'm also unable to run it
via Start -> Run -> dsa.msc.

Do you have any clues, or hints, for me to further chase this up?

Many thanks in advance.

Paul Macdonnell
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