Samba 4 Internal DNS

Bob Miller bob at
Sat Feb 9 13:27:11 MST 2013

On Thu, 2013-02-07 at 13:10 -0600, matthew.phillips at wrote:
> I have recently set up a Samba 4 AD installation for testing.
> I am loving it so far, but I did come across one problem.
> Once I join the domain using a Windows 7 client, any time I visit my 
> domain via the web browser
> it points me to the internal server. For instance my domain is ROUND 
> and my realm is ROUNDCUBE.NET
> if I visit I am forwarded to my local IP address of 
> my samba 4 server. However I need
> all activity on port 80 for to be forwarded to the 
> correct IP address out on the web.

In the case you describe where you want to access, you
can just make an A record for the subdomain dev (using samba-tool) and
that subdomain will be directed outside the network.

In the event the page you want to access is and it is not
on you LAN, then you have no choice but to let your workstation be
directed to the DC.  You can get around that by installing apache on the
DC, and use mod_rewrite to redirect all requests for to  This will require you to configure your external site with a ServerAlias, and will also
require you to configure your internal DNS with an A record for www
pointing to your external webserver.

Hope that helps...

> Is it possible to fix this?
> Thank you,
> Matthew

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