romaing profiles not working for regular users

Rob Verduijn rob.verduijn at
Tue Feb 5 04:30:49 MST 2013

Hello all,

I've been trying samba4 now since last december and must see it works
great for me except roaming profiles.

For some reason the roaming profiles fail for regular users, they keep
getting the 'you have been logged on with a temporary profile'

This page
helps an awfull lot on setting up an AD controller, it works great for me now.

It has one major shortcoming, it does not conatin a full smb.conf
example. I know it's short, I know there is almost nothing in there,
but when you come from samba3 moving to samba4 and look at it for the
first time it is NOT obvious that its so simple.

It also falls short on how to set up a profiles share.

I've been googling all over the web and found all kinds of discussion
web sites who seem to have it working but as far as I can tell are
either mixing up s3 and s4 settings, guessing a bit, are about old
samba4 release candidates, etc etc.

All I got were bits and pieces.

One said creat the folder with these permissions and make sure its
mounted with these options, the other one said different permissions
with different options.

What should be in the smb.conf, there are a lot of contradicting
results on this subject.

You don't even want to start looking in what to do with the remote
administrations tools in windows, you get all the fuzz and false hits
from the regular windows admins and all their interpretations on how
to deal with profiles directory. That is enough to make even the most
veteran linux admins give up on it.

Could somebody please tell me how to deal with profiles and home dirs
in samba4 ?
Especially a step by step on what to do if you were doing a clean install.


Could somebody direct me to the step-by step page on the samba4 wiki
where it says what linux rights are required on the directory that is
the share for profiles.
What it says in smb.conf
What steps to perform via the windows remote admin tools.

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