ubuntu and samba4

David Feurle david.feurle at sodgeit.de
Sun Feb 3 05:04:18 MST 2013


I want to use samba4 and winbind in Ubuntu 12.04.
Up to now (during beta and rc phase) I was  compiling samba4 myself. It 
worked so far - my only concern are security updates. I would therefore 
prefer a binary packet. I found some ppa's with samba4 (up to 
samba4.0.2). All these ppa's seem to don't provide libwbclient1. This 
prevents samba4/winbind4 from working correctly as the samba4 packet 
pulls libwbclient in version 3.4.1 - which does not seem to be 
compatible with samba4.
For example when issuing samba --version the folling error gets displayed:

feurleda at niobe:~/soho-box/samba4-install$ samba --version
samba: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libwbclient.so.0: no version 
information available (required by 
Version 4.0.2

There was a discussion some time ago on this mailinglist about how to 
implement a debian packet for samba4. Does the debian packet provide a 
recent libwbclient? Is this bug as well present in debian sid?

Does anyone have experience with samba4 on Ubuntu 12.04?

Best regards,

David Feurle

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