Can MS SMB/Netbios server ports be made configurable? (many ports conflict in range 1024-1300)

Linda W samba at
Sat Feb 2 22:26:05 MST 2013

Is there some MS requirement that it ignore
the IANA registered ports list and that it has
to overwrite/use registered ports 1024-1300?

vpn's/vnets (various products), licensing servers,
admin tools (including several Dell, oracle
adobe, dns tools, Sun, Corba, and tons of others
are in this range.

Does this have to be hardcoded in this range?

Is there any reason why MS couldn't have reserved
a range (other than they are MS?) or used
the dynamic/private port range?

Is this something a patch could be accepted for?

(or would it get some weird name like)

insecure port range reassignment = xxxx-yyyy

I mean, since they aren't below 1024 they are already
insecure...*ahem* (pot, kettle...)

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