successfully drag file into a directory which deneid all NTACL permissions

yanhuan yanhuan at
Wed Dec 18 21:29:24 MST 2013

Hello everyone:
I  created a directory and deneid all NTACL permissions on it, so I can not double-click to enter the directory or create new files.
But unexpected, I can drag a file into the directory successfully.
I found that, the operation of dragging a file goes to the RENAME instead of the CREATE.
My question is, why we do not check the NTACL permissions of the destination directory when we do the RENAME operation?

my samba version is 3.6.16, and I enable NTACL with parameters below:
vfs objects=acl_xattr 
map acl inherit=yes 
inherit acls=yes 
store dos attributes=yes
dos filemode=yes
ea support=yes

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