Patchset: Improve nbench performance

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Sat Dec 14 03:29:31 MST 2013

Hi Volker,

> Amitay Isaacs pointed out that we regressed on netbench
> performance 3.6 against 4.0, so I did some work on it. This
> patchset gets back some of the performance we had, not all.
> In 4.0 and above we have two big additional features that
> slow us down in the metadata-heavy netbench test: Durable
> file handles and much improved acl checking. Reading and
> translating an acl on every open costs, as does maintaining
> the open state in a separate tdb. This patchset does not fix
> those, but it cuts down user-space CPU usage in netbench
> according to callgrind by something around 15%. In
> particular on slow CPUs this will definitely matter, and
> even on a beefy server this is equally visible by netbench
> results.
> Please review & push!

Pushed to autobuild together with the 2 patches you sent before.

Here are some performance patches on top...

Please review & push!

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