[PATCHES] smbcontrol disconnect-client

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Dec 11 11:22:42 MST 2013

Hi Christof,

>> Maybe "smbcontrol kill-client-connections" ?
> Changing the name is easy. :-)
> I took a look at the suggestions and it should not be too difficult to
> implement a call that revokes all oplocks. So we could have two calls to
> disconnect a client:
> 1) smbcontrol kill-client-connections:
>   - Just exit the server.
> 2) smbcontrol drop-client-connections:
>  - Set a flag to no longer grant exclusive oplocks
>  - Send a break for all exclusive oplocks
>  - When oplocks.exclusive_open is zero, then exit.
> This should always work, since oplocks are considered broken after
> What is the best way forward here? Rename the control to
> kill-client-connections and push the patches? And then start working on
> the second command?

Sounds like a plan :-)


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