Question additional DC data synchronizing time.

hyoscar wu hywuoscar at
Wed Dec 11 00:33:48 MST 2013

Hi list,

  I refer to do
additional DC join existing domain.

  Above link say dns update every 10 minutes. If DC databases sychronize in
the same time?

  Everytime I create a new doamin and another machine join as additional
DC, I feel data synchronization time is not regular.

  For example, creating domain in DC1 and DC2 joining to domain, creating
some new user accounts in both DC1 and DC2. New user accounts in DC1 can
synchronize to DC 2 database very fast but new user accounts in DC2 need
much long time (sometimes more then 10 minutes ) to synchronize to DC1

  If any way to controll the synchronization time or any way to let data
synchronizing immediately ?


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