[Samba] PROPOSAL: Remove SWAT in Samba 4.1

Tim Chambers tim.chambers at sydney.edu.au
Mon Dec 9 21:14:27 MST 2013

Dear Samba developers,

I have used SWAT as the starting point for creating the config but then resort to manually changing the config.

A single big file that lists and documents the samba options would be too big and complicated. There are too many parameters that depend on many others (many-to-many). It would be better to break the documentation done to target different use cases and present as templates of samba config files.

Maybe have a web app that steps through the process and creates a samba config file ready for the user to download (you can upload existing file and download new file without the web server nor a SWAT service that has direct access to the admin file system). Less convenient but more secure.

Alternative would be a GUI client app that can authenticate with and securely communicate with a service running on the server to configure SAMBA. But this may have it's own problems of complexity and security and thus more developer time required.


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