Some deficiencies with the Samba VFS that I think need to e rectified ...

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Tue Dec 10 09:09:08 MST 2013

Hi folks,

I have written before about wanting all VFS functions to return NT
Status codes and the fact that the dir related functions do not
provide something like an FSP, however, one more deficiency has become
apparent as we get more into distributed systems at my place of

That is, we do not have sufficient information to make correct
decisions during some metadata operations. Specifically, when mkdir
and open are called, we really need access to fields like access_mask
and share_mode ...

I wonder if it would be appropriate, early on in CreateFile, to create
the FSP and pre-load it with these values so we can pass along an FSP
to all operations that are not path-based?

Richard Sharpe

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