[PATCH] ctdb/eventscripts: Do not reconfigure in "monitor" events

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Mon Dec 9 21:25:16 MST 2013

"monitor" events can be cancelled.  If a reconfigure action does a
service restart then the "monitor" event can be cancelled at the
inconvenient moment after the service is stopped.  In this case the
service stays down and the node may become unhealthy (depending on
whether there are any repair actions in the monitor event).

A long time ago we did service reconfiguration in "monitor" events
following failovers.  Service reconfiguration was then moved to the
"ipreallocated" event.  However, reconfiguration in "monitor" events
has been kept as a last resort in case an "ipreallocate" event does
not occur.  The only important case that this covers is "ctdb
deleteip", where "releaseip" events are generated without a
corresponding "ipreallocated".  Therefore, IPs can be deleted without
running the required service reconfiguration.

The supported way of removing IP addresses is now via "ctdb
reloadips", which always causes a takeover run with a corresponding
"ipreallocate" event.

This means that service reconfiguration in "monitor" events is no
longer required and should be removed because it is unsafe.

Also update the associated tests.  Make the first confirm that the
monitor event no longer does reconfiguration.  Change the others to
test that monitor status is correctly replayed when something else is
doing a reconfigure and currently holds the reconfigure lock.

peace & happiness,
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