CTDB woes

Joohyoung LEE jhxlee at gmail.com
Sun Dec 8 22:48:23 MST 2013

Amitay Isaacs <amitay <at> gmail.com> writes:


> > From what we could see at the time, I'd have characterised it as typical
> > of "lots of processes in wait state", but I couldn't figure out what they
> > were waiting for.
> >
> Yes. Those are lockwait processes waiting for fcntl locks.

Hi Amitay,

Would you explain more detail of the problem in old CTDB you've mentioned ?
i.e. What was fixed (or Bugzilla# ?)
     What version of CTDB (or Samba) has defect,
     and what version of CTDB (or Samba) fixed that.

I have very similar case with this one on my customer site recently.
But the customer wants more explanation.

Customer environment is:
Samba 3.6.12-44, CTDB 1.0.114 RPMs downloaded from sernet.de (Installed in
Feb 2013)

Symptom looks like silmilar to Orlando's case.

Thanks in advance.

// JooHyoung LEE

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