[PATCHES] smbcontrol disconnect-client

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Sat Dec 7 05:05:58 MST 2013

Am 07.12.2013 00:15, schrieb Christof Schmitt:
> Here are a few patches that Christian had developed some time ago. They
> implement a 'smbcontrol disconnect-client <ip address>'  call that
> disconnects all clients from a certain IP address. That is useful when a
> config file for a specific client has been changed and that change has
> to be enforced.
> Comments?

I think this is too dangerous, if the client still has files with
batch/exclusive oplocks
open and changes in the local buffer, we may trigger data corruption. At
least without
durable opens.

I think the command (maybe a 2nd one) should first trigger a break to
level2 to all opens
and don't grant more for the rest of the connection lifetime. And the
should only work if the connection is in good shape.


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