[PATCHSET] ctdb/test: multiple cleanups

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Mon Dec 2 20:18:25 MST 2013

Here are a bunch of cleanups for the CTDB test suite...

Get rid of a dynamically created: eventscript 

  f65593a ctdb/tests/integration: Update NFS tickles test and supporting code

Modularise the code for handling tests with local daemons:

  a00e7b1 ctdb/tests/simple: Move the local daemons code to its own file
  9fcf5f9 ctdb/tests/integration: Remove the time logging code
  804cb9d ctdb/tests/integration: Remove some unused functions
  3f63496 ctdb/tests/simple: Local daemons version of setup_ctdb() overrides
  74953ef ctdb/tests/integration: Update daemons shutdown pseudo-test
  7368096 ctdb/tests/integration: Decentralise the daemon restart code

Remove the run_tests.sh wrapper and promote a tweaked
scripts/run_tests script in its place:

  54beaa6 ctdb/tests/scripts: Sort command-line options
  a94f87d ctdb/tests/scripts: Simplify the top-level test scripts
  22b06ef ctdb/tests/scripts: Promote scripts/run_tests

Michael's updates to the test/README file, reviewed by me:

  4788fd9 ctdb:tests: update README

All at:


peace & happiness,
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