Smbd service can not start

yingtian jiao jiaoyingtian at
Mon Dec 2 17:56:59 MST 2013

Hello All

I would like to build a testing enviroment using 'ctdb v2.5' and 'samba
v4.1' on CentOS 6.3, but after intalling all packages successfully the
'sernet-samba-smbd' service could not be started. And I found the following
error in log.smbd
*   [2013/12/02 15:42:32,  1]

*                      connect(/tmp/ctdb.socket) failed: Permission denied*

*         [2013/12/02 15:42:32,  2]

*            messaging_ctdbd_init failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED*

I executed 'chmod 777 /tmp/ctdb.socket', but still not work. Then I
executed '/usr/sbin/smbd -D', and successfully.

Any body met this issue before?

Thank you very much.

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