corruption issue with samba

rashid mirza rashidmirza at
Mon Apr 29 22:28:33 MDT 2013

i am facing a peculiar issue with samba, and am unable to pin point.
Let me tell you about my setup, i have been using samba 2.2.2 (i know its a old release) on a system running QNX OS since august 2011, without any problems.
Due to a system design upgrade, there is a additional machine in the setup, running linux, that mounts the QNX share using CIFS. The linux machine gets a request for a file, and if it cannot find it in itself, it searches the samba share for the file. Also, every minute i am checking if the samba share is accessible from the linux machine.
It has been noticed that, in the new design, where there is a additional linux box, every now and then, the machine running the samba server, gets corrupted, and the .tdb file are corrupted, and the samba service stops running.
Bear in mind, we are seeing this in the new setup, and never, from 2011 onwards, did i ever see samba dying out. There is not much info available in the log files. Also i am hesistant to change the debug level, currently it is 3.  I have not been able to replicate the issue in my test environment.
Would be great if you could give some pointers as to what the issue could be, as it is quite nerve racking.
If you need more info, then let me know.

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