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Mon Apr 29 07:18:32 MDT 2013

Hi folks,

I finally managed to (re-review and) push our last year's GSoC
student's (Chris Davis <cd.rattan at>)
code that adds the ncurses bases regedit tool.

I have squashed some of the initial patches, and would have
liked to condense it even more, but I did not have the time
to carry that through to the end. So the patchset shows
some of the history of its creation. :-)

This may serve as a basis for a potential next GSoC project.

Cheers - Michael

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The branch, master has been updated
       via  08d7cae regedit: Use color only when available.
       via  92b6fc0 regedit: Improve the while loop.
       via  7b970e9 regedit: Remove talloc leak report.
       via  68d4e8d regedit: Mark string values if they contain unprintable chars.
       via  8508b41 regedit: Add an edit binary command.
       via  8ea38ce regedit: Handle zero-length buffers better with hexedit.
       via  ad15a83 regedit: Load values on startup.
       via  1208167 regedit: Simplify the editor dialog input loop.
       via  d7d75fd regedit: Fix white space and wrap long lines.
       via  384a593 regedit: Add missing copyright headers to hexedit code.
       via  8982bf8 regedit: Enable using tab to cycle thru dialog buttons.
       via  e8d6a33 regedit: Restore cursor position when user tabs to a field.
       via  9d0ccd1 regedit: Add a general help section.
       via  e279aaf regedit: Print help on left side of screen instead of the right.
       via  2b6afa6 regedit: Reduce magic numbers in edit dialog, clean up edit dialog creation.
       via  e9645db regedit: Add help msgs for key and value sections at bottom of screen.
       via  77edcd4 regedit: Prefer copywin() over prefresh() for displaying path.
       via  dc119eb regedit: Cut off the front of the path when screen width is too small.
       via  485af4a regedit: Uese a pad for path label.
       via  a857475 regedit: Improve padding for value summary.
       via  05dde21 regedit: Update dialog position on screen resize.
       via  58f9e36 regedit: Handle term resizes.
       via  560003f regedit: Create subkeys.
       via  3344f5e regedit: Delete and add keys.
       via  6ef5ee2 regedit: Edit binary values with hexedit.
       via  ec6fb5d regedit: Initialize hexedit buf with data if available.
       via  7c60ec1 regedit:hexedit: make sure cursor is updated on physical screen.
       via  f723fc9 regedit: Add an input dialog.
       via  e4ed97f regedit: Simplify notice dialogs, don't overwrite existing values.
       via  5cfbf73 regedit: Don't pass empty value names to new_item().
       via  360f31d regedit: Really delete value.
       via  3b6da77 regedit: Add new value type selection dialog.
       via  af60882 regedit: Save contents of value editor.
       via  1436499 regedit: Value editor changes.
       via  a43a949 regedit: Don't refresh treeview and value list.
       via  db5295a regedit: Some work on dialogs.
       via  3c14ab1 regedit: Import hex editor.
       via  bdc40f9 regedit: Link to ncurses form library
       via  4a87a7a regedit: Don't panic if we can't open the file.
       via  86f88ee waf: Create a better wscript for finding ncurses.
       via  5e0f4be regedit: Improve calculation for centering dialogs.
       via  6155abc regedit: Introduce dialog windows.
       via  4267ec5 regedit: Take into account that getch() may return a '
' instead of KEY_ENTER.
       via  19b9a70 regedit: Use tab key to switch between key and value sections.
       via  0fb6cc0 regedit: Don't overwrite the '/' when printing path.
       via  6d82438 regedit: Print value summary, fix heap corruption and path printing.
       via  e75057a regedit: List values for the selected key.
       via  f751b36 regedit: Print the registry path.
       via  632cefa regedit: Make all hives browsable.
       via  89d3067 regedit: load the configuration after processing the command line
       via  d3633c0 regedit: Setup a test tree view of HKLM.
       via  c99675b regedit: Initial import of treeview code
       via  dc0029c regedit: First crack at linking to ncurses.
       via  6c881e2 regedit: Add regedit main source file
       via  44f7d1b Support s3 local access with the s4 libregistry framework
       via  1ac6bb1 s3: Wrap calls to the s3 registry API.
      from  251767c Fix bug #9822 - Samba crashing during Win8 sync.;a=shortlog;h=master

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