up-to-date samba4 debian wheezy package ?

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Fri Apr 26 10:31:22 MDT 2013

Quoting denis bonnenfant (denis.bonnenfant at diderot.org):

> 3 - Packages in debian wheezy/sid are really old ! providing beta-2
> in a distrib is worse than nothing !

Please don't yell. We're aware about that but, unfortunately, the
timing of the Samba4 releases didn't match the timing ofthe wheezy freeze.

> 4 - experimental provides 4.0.3, but it can't be backported easily (see 2)
> So my question is : is it worth to spend time modifying existing
> debian sources, or is there any chances to have in near future an
> up-to-date official debian wheezy package ?

Official: zero chance. 

Backported: maybe. But that will happen when we first have released a
merged "samba" package that is "Samba4" but includes file and printing

This will be "some day" uploaded to unstable, targeting Debian
jessie. The, once it enters "testing", it is likely that we work on a
backport (in the hope it won't require us to backport too many

The next step for all this is merging the functionalities of the
current "samba" package into what is currently "samba4" in
experimental, then release it as "samba".

The tricky part will be handling upgrades from existing Samba3 steups

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