[RFC] Discontinuing SWAT

denis bonnenfant denis.bonnenfant at diderot.org
Fri Apr 26 07:31:58 MDT 2013

Le 26/04/2013 15:11, Kai Blin a écrit :
> On 2013-04-26 04:34, Scott Lovenberg wrote:
>> How about the obvious compromise?  What if SWAT were dropped and a
>> library (in a "web language") for parsing the smb.conf was to be
>> released with each release under the GPL?  If someone (third party)
>> wants to carry the torch for a web interface, let them.  Someone out
>> there wants this itch scratched and Samba wants someone to contribute
>> some code back.  Seems like a win-win to me; Samba can be released
>> without such a large attack surface, and developers can scratch an
>> itch and contribute code back.
>> There's already a parser written, how hard would it be to add bindings
>> for other languages (PHP, Python, Java)?
> Arguably to make something really useful, you'd need something that 
> can talk to AD as well. Fiddling with smb.conf is only good for the 
> plain file server.
Sure, a php binding to  samba-tool libs (AD and GPO) would be very 
helpful. In the other side,  python libs are already there, so it may be 
an interesting alternative to use a python web framework ( Django...)
> In any case, if someone wants to step up and maintain a web interface, 
> I'm sure we'd be happy to help.
As an example, we are investigating on switching SambaEdu project 
(http://wwdeb.crdp.ac-caen.fr/mediase3/index.php/Accueil) from 
samba3/ldap to samba4. The quick and hacky way is to keep on using php's 
ldap and hack some exec(samba-tool...), but in a long term view a clean 
web API should be much more efficient for this kind of projects.



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