GSoC -- Possible projects

David Disseldorp ddiss at
Thu Apr 25 04:59:33 MDT 2013

On Tue, 23 Apr 2013 23:06:55 +0200
Aurélien Aptel <aurelien.aptel at> wrote:

> - Create GUI or command-line tools for displaying /proc/fs/cifs
> statistics and and mount/session status
> I was thinking about a simple script that outputs a pretty html/css
> file. This should be a small task.

FWIW, I'd suggest adding the proc file parser to an existing monitoring
tool such as PCP[1], which already provides a graphical front-end and
logging functionality. PCP monitoring agents for Samba[2] and CTDB[3]
are already available.

Cheers, David

1. Performance Co-Pilot
2. Samba monitoring agent;a=blob;f=src/pmdas/samba/;hb=refs/heads/master
3. CTDB monitoring agent;a=blob;f=utils/pmda/pmda_ctdb.c;hb=HEAD

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