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Matthieu Patou mat at
Tue Apr 23 22:30:00 MDT 2013

Hi Aurélien !

On 04/23/2013 02:06 PM, Aurélien Aptel wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm a french student doing a CS degree in Lyon and I'm interested in
> working on Samba for this year Google Summer of Code. I understand I
> may have to work on several projects in order to fill the summer.
Well you'd better be conservative and target one project and if it turns 
out that you can do 2 then do two rather than target 2 and then do only one.

> I'll be honest: up until now I was a simple samba user and I don't
> know much about the underlying code so please stop and correct me if I
> say inane things :)
> Here are the projects I'm interested in:
> - Improve smbclient archive support
> The goal of this project is to replace smbclient own limited tar
> implementation with a separate library (libarchive). This would fix
> several bugs, provide multiple archive/compression formats and maybe
> improve performances.
> I guess the CLI should also be changed to provide a way to choose
> between formats.
> - improve regedit
> I was a bit surprised to see that regedit is implemented in C. I
> thought this kind of non time-critical software would be a lot simpler
> to write in some scripting language, especially since Samba seems to
> have Python bindings. I'm interested in improving by rewriting it in
> Python, if that's possible. I know this sounds like a NIH syndrome but
> I think C is not the right tool here.
> I was also half-jokingly thinking at an Emacs mode, but maybe that's
> too far fetched... :)
Is it just a pure rewrite or do you plan do add more functionalities ?

I had a quick look and it seems that we have already some registry 
binding in Python : bin/python/samba/dcerpc/ and some tests: 

If you have new functionalities to add then it might be a good idea to 
move to Python as it will indeed make it easier for adding stuff.

The right guy to talk to is Jelmer (same nick on IRC), feel free to 
contact him on our #samba-technical
> - Create GUI or command-line tools for displaying /proc/fs/cifs
> statistics and and mount/session status
> I was thinking about a simple script that outputs a pretty html/css
> file. This should be a small task.
> As for the credentials, I feel comfortable programming in C which I've
> been doing for 5+ years. I've also worked on and contributed to
> several projects including:
> - st [] a tiny xterm replacement
> - GNU Emacs: few patches to the C core
> - Org-mode (Emacs Lisp) in last year GSoC
> I sometime post things I do on Bitbucket
> [] when I find them useful/interesting
> enough.
> I guess that's all, let me know what you think.
Did you had a look at ?


Matthieu Patou
Samba Team

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