OpenLDAP and Samba4

Gémes Géza geza at
Mon Apr 22 11:27:00 MDT 2013

2013-04-22 09:01 keltezéssel, Yoann Gini írta:
> Le 21 avr. 2013 à 22:46, Gémes Géza <geza at> a écrit :
>> Unfortunately Samba as an AD DC has to satisfy (also) Windows clients which are more than inflexible with their requirements about what they expect to find via LDAP calls.
> Which kind of requirements wouldn’t be solved by merging two LDAP store and a mapping config?
Lots of attributes are different (conflicting) in the AD schema from 
those used by OpenLDAP or any other implementation. So bringing over 
ldif export files form existing LDAP directories won't work without 
changes, and could even need some patches for the software which used them.

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