samba4 kerberos user principals with instances

David Mansfield samba at
Mon Apr 15 18:49:17 MDT 2013

On 04/15/2013 06:59 PM, Dewayne wrote:
> David,
> The creation of additional principles in samba4 is achieved by creating a user record and then the spn.
> Example:
> samba-tool user create http-user --random-password
> samba-tool spn add HTTP/  http-user
> samba-tool domain exportkeytab --principal=HTTP/ http.keytab
> Samba4 Kerberos is based on the heimdal implementation. Perhaps you could be clearer about what aspect you regard as rubbish?
First and foremost, the "rubbish" was a joke based on the other mailing 
list thread today that seemed to take over my inbox...  I don't think 
it's "rubbish" in the least, on the contrary!

Regarding SPN, I've used it to create service principals, and I can 
create the SPN on my user,e.g.:

samba-tool spn add david/admin david

But I need to obtain a tgt for this principal, so it needs a password 
somehow, rather than an exported keytab.  It's to be used by a user, to 
authenticate to a service with a different credential than the "regular" 
one.  I've seen people using this to restrict root access (user/root at REALM).

In particular, the cyrus-imap server does not want "regular" users to 
log in to administer it, or else it screws up the regular mail-reading 
process.  However, I still need kerberos authentication.  So the 
recommended approach is to use "user principal instances".

I'll poke around.  Maybe I can set a password on an SPN somehow.

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