Backend documentation?

Yoann Gini yoann.gini at
Sat Apr 13 06:10:09 MDT 2013

Le 13 avr. 2013 à 13:06, Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at> a écrit :

> The issue is this:  To change passwords you need the old password hash
> to verify the new password.  You need a way to get that old password
> hash out of the PasswordService.  My understanding is that this is
> intentionally difficult (part of the design, to try and keep all the
> crypto inside that box). 
> The same applies for being able to accept domain logins.  The auth
> plugin code doesn't handle either of these cases, it just assumes passdb
> provides read access to the hashes. 
> Only then can we read the plaintext password.  At that point our passdb
> backend can submit the plaintext passwords to the LDAP server using the
> password change/set exop.  If the PasswordService will accept it, a
> patched pdb_ldap could instead set it there.

I’ve think about one with, it’s tricky but the PasswordService database is a LDAP database with some restricted access. Here is an extract of what we can get :

dn: authGUID=79c4b078-49ca-11e2-9695-0050563fdd05,cn=users,cn=authdata
objectClass: pwsAuthdata
draft-krbPrincipalName: alice at LAB.OFFICE.INIG-SERVICES.COM
draft-krbTicketPolicy: 326
draft-krbKeySet:: MIIBC6EDAgEJoIIBAjCB/zBboSswKaADAgESoSIEIDCzR/8HiG46Pee31qOI
uid: alice
authGUID: 79c4b078-49ca-11e2-9695-0050563fdd05
loginFailedAttempts: 2
creationDate: 20121219105434Z
passwordModDate: 20130413114843Z
lastLoginTime: 20130413114158Z
userLinkage: 6ebccf99-9034-48da-a119-e5561be5f347
password:: 6h7tUEiULsg=
cmusaslsecretSMBNT: 4039730E1BF6E10DD01EAAC983DB4D7C40A0C1609E7F0000206A7A0D01
cmusaslsecretDIGEST-MD5:: 2Qvzdbf2zJ32C0zBwtSTFw==
cmusaslsecretCRAM-MD5:: 8MNiRN2wPF33Rnew+uPbv3EV0cA8VPimh9/COEAn4QE=
cmusaslsecretPPS:: FEDXQkKfMefvwi48ZekZE7aH8eukRula
cmusaslsecretDIGEST-UMD5:: MJSZQKSdJH0bbgO7Cf/ycQ==

The user password here is alice for informations.

So, event if it’s not possible to extract the password hash from the PasswordService, we can access to the service database…

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