[PATCH] Fix bug #9778 - Samba directory code uses dirfd() without vectoring through a VFS call.

Andreas Schneider asn at samba.org
Fri Apr 12 06:34:34 MDT 2013

On Thursday 11 April 2013 12:59:07 Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Here is a patchset that removes the remaining uses
> of dirfd() from smbd (in conjunction with the patchset
> that went into master for bug #9777 this removes
> all dirfd() calls).
> This will fix Samba VFS modules like the vfs_scannedonly.c
> code that expected to be able to return an opaque pointer
> cast to a DIR *, and also the (not yet merged) CEPH
> filesystem VFS module.
> Once this goes in (and into 4.0.x) it will fix the
> VFS ABI breakage we had in 4.0.x by using a non-VFS
> vectored dirfd() call. We can then have the discussion
> for 4.1.0 if we want to either add a VFS_DIRFD() call
> for 4.1, or disallow it completely by changing the
> return from VFS_OPENDIR/VFS_FDOPENDIR from DIR *
> to a typedef'ed void * instead.
> Please review and push if you're happy.

Pushed to autobuild. Please update the bug once they are in master.


	-- andreas

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