NetShareAdd returns WERR_BADFILE if the path to be shared does not exist ...

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Thu Apr 11 10:45:54 MDT 2013

In case anyone is interested ...

I spent some time with Hyena a little while ago looking at what
happens when it tries to create shares using NetShareAdd.

It turns out that NetShareAdd returns WERR_BADFILE if the path does
not exist. This seems not to be documented. I am not sure what is
returned if the requester does not have the appropriate permissions. A
little more testing would probably reveal what is needed.

However, we have a fundamental problem in Samba that does not provide
a way for the share add command to return a status.

Some minor fixes in this area would allow Samba to work better with
tools like Hyena.

Richard Sharpe

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