[PATCH v5 4/7] CIFS: Use NT_CREATE_ANDX command for forcemand mounts

Pavel Shilovsky piastry at etersoft.ru
Wed Apr 10 07:59:28 MDT 2013

2013/4/10 Jeff Layton <jlayton at samba.org>:
> (cc'ing samba-technical)
> I don't understand. Why would we need to use NT_CREATE_ANDX in lieu of
> the POSIX trans2 open if the client isn't setting a share reservation
> on that particular open? The server should still enforce share
> reservations that are already set on the file regardless of which
> method is used.

Ok, I checked it out: Samba still enforce share reservations for
trans2 opens too. In this case we need a check like

if (IS_SHARELOCK(inode) && cifs_get_share_flags(openflags) != FILE_SHARE_ALL)
        /* use NT_CREATE_ANDX */
       /* use TRANS2 OPEN */

Best regards,
Pavel Shilovsky.

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