Does Samba 4 currently support SSL secured LDAP (636)?

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Wed Apr 3 04:20:25 MDT 2013


I currently maintain a small IT shop supporting Java developers. In this setup I use W2008r2 as directory solution to glue together everything from Windows terminals server to Linux SSH auth and stuff like Jenkins, JIRA and other tools. 

Right now I'm building a test setup using Samba4 instead of Windows AD. Currenty I've got an Debian box with a self compiled distribution of Samba 4.0.3. I've successfully joined a W2008 member server and configured JIRA and Confluence to use the Samba4 based directory. All well and promising. 

One the the things I setup in the Windows AD based environment is LDAPS (tcp 636) access to AD. Is the same thing possible using Samba4.0.3. or is this on the wish list / road map ? I tried searching the Interwebs but did not find any useable information. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. 

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