[PATCH] Adds support for Resource SID Compression a new Windows Server 2012 KDC feature

Markus Baier Markus_Baier at baier-network.de
Mon Apr 1 15:31:13 MDT 2013

> This is the wrong place to handle this.

For sure, it makes me no wonder, the problem is,
I did know nothing about the samba code and logic structure :-)
So the last weekend I dived into the code and tried
to find the reason, why samba "stoped working" after
the update of my domain controller.
The only reference I had was the output from log level = 10

> Sadly this seems to make the patch's task much more complex

Yes, this was the easiest and fastest way for me to fix the problem :-)
Its hard to find the optimal solution, when you know
nothing about the underling structure or the logic
behind the scenes of the program :-)

So the patch should be more a proposal
or a starting point for the integration
of the support for the Resource SID Compression feature
into samba.

Best regards
Markus Baier

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