Did anybody test smbclient4 against smbd4 using SMB2

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Sep 25 18:28:04 MDT 2012

On Tue, 2012-09-25 at 16:05 -0700, Jun Yi wrote:
> Thanks Andrew.
> I found the code path for smbclient4 is up to date at most of 2007. So it
> may be outdated. I also found the code path for smbclient is outdated too.
> smbclient is older than smbclient4 and it can only supports smb1. I type
> "smbclient -m SMB2 //server/share"  and get message "SMB2 protocol
> unrecognized".

That's interesting, but not unexpected.  The focus of the team has been
in smbtorture tests and enabling windows clients, and it seems nobody
has turned their attention to using this in our client code.  The
message you get is from the simple switch statement in
source3/lib/util.c:interpret_protocol().  However, I would be quite
surprised if changing that suddenly made the rest of the code work. 

> I have the following two questions:
> 1: how to build smbtorture in the master branch. Does smbtorture support
> SMB2? Did anybody use smbtorture to test against smbd daily? Where can I
> find the document for smbtorture---smbd  tests.

Yes, these tests are run multiple times per day in our automated
selftest system.  This is started with 'make test'. 

> 2: Did anybody use smbtorture to test against windows servers (for example
> windows 7 or windows server 2008 R2). Could you please tell me how to do
> that and where I can find the document?

Generally you can run any test with something like
'smbtorture //host/share test.name -Uuser%pass'

> 3: I read a little of smbtorture source code (I will read more). I know
> where to add a new test case into the framework. To add a runnable test
> case, what part of the source codes should I read. Should I read the entire
> source code?

Volker gave you some clues earlier, I suggest following those up.

Registering new tests is a little tricky, the easiest way essentially is
to follow the example of a similar test you wish to adapt. 

Andrew Bartlett

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